How to Buy a Domain Name at Online Auction Site

Interested in buying a domain name at affordable prices by negotiating a price with the seller? Find out how to buy a domain name at online auction site!

Finding the right domain name for your new website or blog might be getting simpler today thanks to the various gTLDs or generic top-level domains. However, if you have ever created a website for private or business purpose,  you are probably familiar with the annoying feeling that comes with finding out that the the domain name you want to purchase is not available. There is no need to panic, as this name might belong to a certain individual and this is not a reason to give up. You can always get in touch with the owner and see whether or not he is interested in selling the domain. Besides, you have another option and that is the domain auction websites. These sites are an excellent way to get a previously-owned domains at a great prices.

If you are in the business of buying and selling domains, there are a few websites you can use such as, GreatDomains, Afternic, and etc. These websites work in a similar way to online auction websites. Because hundreds of thousands of domains are bought and dropped on a daily basis, the selection of domains available grows constantly.

Finding the right domain name for your website

The sellers will usually be charged a listing fee that varies, based on the website they choose. The sellers can list the domains and select from the different pricing options available including minimum offer, setting a reserve, and etc. There are some websites such as which offers a special bidder verification service to buyers looking to make high-value purchases. This service helps in reviewing their qualification and help them to secure great deals and high-dollar bidding opportunities.

Whether you are buying or selling domains at online auction sites, it is important to protect your assets. If you are buying a domain name, you need to ensure you have to choose a reputable auction website that offers some kind of system for buyer protection. For instance, eBay extends their buyer protection plan to individuals who buy domains on their website. As a buyer, you can also take advantage of the third-party services such as Website Escrow Service and to protect yourself while paying and ensure the domain is successfully transferred.

How to Buy a Domain Name at Online Auction Website

When buying a domain name at online auction website, the first thing you need to do is visit the domain auction website and search for domains. You can visit Afternic, Sedo, SnapNames, Flippa, NameJet, Ebay, and GoDaddy. If you have a domain name in mind, you need to search the keywords and if not, the next thing you should do is browse through the listings available. You need a short, catchy, and memorable domain with aged popular keywords included.

The online auction websites are great for finding expired domains. is a great website where you can find expired domains.

Once you’ve found a domain, place your bid. If you win the bid, the seller will contact you to arrange the transfer of the domain, and if you lose the bid, you can keep bidding on other domains. If you win the bid, it is an opportunity to negotiate with the owner. You can use WHOIS records to find out contact information about the current owner and get in touch with him. Before you purchase the domain, browse it online and see what can you find.

That’s it! That’s how you can buy a domain name at an auction website!

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