What We Learned from 79 Domain Name Registrations in the Past Year

What We Learned from 79 Domain Name Registrations in the Past Year

Time flies, isn’t it? Still looking for that jaw dropping domain name that you are so hyped to register? As you may know, registering a domain name is a key factor when entering the online business. It defines your brand, it defines you, and it defines what you do.

Besides the fact that it has to be relevant to your business name, or niche, or service – nowadays it’s also very important when you want to rank your potential website and business on the SERPs. You are ought to use a domain extension like .com in order to perform better on Google and Bing’s search engine results page.

But, hold on. Nothing to fear from – yet. We got crash and burned with domain name registration so many times, that we now have the ingredients for the perfect domain name.


Don’t get emotional just yet. Keep It Simple Silly – get it? Registering a domain name should be as short as possible, and easy to remember. Below 10 letters is the perfect length, one word or two at the best. Now, finding a premium domain name and register it, may cost you a small fortune – but if you are after business authority, than it is worthy.

You can always ask your friends if they remembered the domain name when you first say it. If most of them don’t – than it’s time to find an easier domain name to register.

No Trademarks

Do a small Google search before you register a domain. If one or more words are related to a major company that probably has protected their trademark – avoid that. It would really be bad if you have to change or abandon a domain name when you build a brand or authority out of it.

In this case, it’s better to prevent any accidences in advance.

Creative Mindset

Define what your main goal with the domain name is. Should it be brandable or you can be creative and include other alterations when you register the domain? Let’s be honest, there is a lot of competition and domain name registrations that is almost impossible to register the domain name you first had on your mind.

Be creative. One named domains are most likely taken, however, you can combine two words and combine a unique word, or add a prefix / suffix … and lastly, you can even make something up! As long as it’s unique, not risky and creative.

Domain Name Generators

If you are stuck in the creative zone and have a ‘block’, you can always use a domain name generator with your keyword – and trust us, many great domain names came out of a DNG suggestions. Try it out!

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